Ukraine Aircraft Strikes Interior Russia with West-Supplied Weapons

Ukraine Aircraft Strikes Interior Russia with West-Supplied Weapons

Ukrainian fighter jets have fired NATO missiles at a target on Russian territory for the first time in this war! A "Russian command node" was hit on Sunday in the area of Belgorod. 

Expect a massive response from Moscow.

NATO continues to use Ukraine to launch its attacks on Russia!

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is deteriorating so fast, and on so many levels due to NATO interference, that Serbia's President Vucic now openly warns of World War 3 in Europe!!

“We are months away from a full scale war between NATO vs Russia!! All signs point to a major war in Europe!” said President Vucic.  “We are heading for a major catastrophe and it seems that the train has already left the station and can no longer be stopped."

In a TV interview, Vucic went on to say "No one in the West is talking about peace anymore - only more war. The West thinks it can win and take out Russia. I think the West is wrong. Both sides now believe it is existential for them, so I don't think they will find a solution other than war and everything . . .  everything is at stake." he continued.

In Europe, the leaders act as the big heroes, but they are not honest and do not tell their citizens that they will all pay a big price if it comes to war” he said.

Hal Turner Snap Analysis

It's been well over a year since the collective West announced F-16s for Ukraine.   Since that moment, I said, and repeated ad nauseum, that Ukraine will NEVER GET F-16s...because they do not have airfields and maintenance to operate them.

I was right then and I am right now.

The simple FACT that they will have to use F-16s from NATO bases, also proves that those jets will have NATO pilots...because once those F-16 start hitting Russian targets, well, it will mean the EXPANDING of WW3, which already started.

It's not really hard to understand that once Russia hits those NATO airfields, which they WILL DO, WW3 goes beyond Ukraine, hence, there is NO POINT IN TRAINING Ukrainian pilots.

I have predicted this for a very long time, and the only thing that made my dates to be wrong, was in INCREDIBLE PATIENCE OF RUSSIA.

But, as more time passed, the better accuracy my predictions become, and my last calculation was in November 2023, when I predicted direct conflict between NATO and Russia before the summer of 2024, which starts on June 20th.

I WAS 100% RIGHT -- NATO forces started direct attacks against Russia at the end of last month, when they gave the "green light" to Ukraine to use Western weapons to strike inside Russia. We all know that NATO troops are doing it, not Ukrainians.

The only missing part is Russia striking back, but realistically speaking, the FACT is that Russia was directly attacked by NATO already.

In my view, Russia striking back is 100% CERTAIN.

We just don't know when and how they will do it, but I am pretty sure that it will happen in the next 10 days, and it is going to be a major one.


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